The Alliance is producing a series of papers focused on the work of the Alliance and its member registries. 

A new paper,  pdf What is an Early Childhood School Age Workforce Registry  is now available.

Other papers include:


The 2018 Annual Report for the Alliance is available  pdf Annual Report 2018 sbs  

Review all the details of the data and comparisons in the 2017 Data Set!  The report contains 42 pages of interesting data about the workforce as collected by the Alliance Partnership Eligibility Review (PER) registries.  pdf 2017DatasetReport

   Read the  pdf 2017 Dataset Executive Summary


    pdf Planning A Registry  is a critical process! Read the revised guide.


    Read the  pdf 2015 Data Set  Report


 Read the papers on digital badging


pdf Digital Badging Paper 1          pdf Digital Badging Paper 2            pdf Digital Badging Paper 3


Resources in which the Alliance was a Collaborator  --   pdf LEAD Clearinghouse ExecutiveSummary July2017


Other Alliance Resources  

pdf Core Data Elements For Early Childhood and School- Core Data Elements For Early Childhood and School-Age Registries

pdf 2012 State of the Nation's Training and Trainer Registries

pdf 2012 State of Registries Survey

pdf 2012 Workforce Data Set

pdf State of Early Childhood and School-Age Workforce Registries 2009