WASHINGTON, DC, March 22, 2016 -- The National Workforce Registry Alliance has developed a new process to support both early care and education and afterschool registries and national organizations which provide training some common ground for getting training approved across registries which have training approval functions.

               The Training Organization Recognition process is designed to provide assurance to registries that the organizations who provide training have processes and policies in place which support the development and delivery of quality training.  The process is designed to provide some confirmation basic best practice approaches to the development and delivery of training are in place at the organization delivering the training.  Each registry will still need to review specific training opportunities for alignment with their individual state or regional training needs.

               The Alliance has developed a review process which requires organizations providing training across multiple states to submit for review documentation of their accredited processes for training development.  Organizations which do that will be listed on the Alliance website for easy reference by member registries.

               For more information on the process please contact the Alliance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 1-605-939-0893 or check the website under Our Work.